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 Above is the mural commissioned for the "Buckhorn Arts Festival" this summer. It is 8ft x 8ft on aluminum panels.

The festival is top quality and one of the best I have ever attended. The people were fantastic to work with as I reproduced a painting by the late Ernie Cselko who was a great wildlife illustrator and painter.

This great event can be reached at      www.buckhornfineart.com

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The above mural was painted for the town of Clifford and designed by the mural committee.

I painted this mural on aluminum panels at a size of 160 sq ft.

The dedication was on June 6 at 11 am 2014.

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Clifford Mural

Buckhorn Arts Festival Mural

Arthur Cenotaph Mural

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Arthur Cenotaph Mural

Above is the latest mural commissioned for the Village of Arthur.  It is 10 ft x 24 ft. on aluminum panels.

The mural was dedicated Saturday Oct25 and was very poignant since it reads "Freedom is not Free". 

There were a number of politicians both local and MPs here today and I will list their names in the picture once I get them in order.

This Mural was a great example of a community coming together with  private and public funds, materials and labour all being offered to see this project done. The overall community involvement in this project underscores how a cultural project enlivens people, resulting in benefits such as maintaining and nurturing a pride of ownership in our community.

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